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Home Gastronomy Carlton Beach Restaurant

Carlton Beach Restaurant

 “ Refinement on the seashore ” 

How to maintain a certain idea of luxury and French-style service even when one is engaging in a carefree moment of relaxation on the beach ? That's the challenge our Restaurant de la Plage Carlton has met. The space was born along with the hotel... or perhaps the reverse is true ? Crystallising as it does a part of the memory of the place, the restaurant can provide an authentic gourmet experience between the azure sky and the calm sea.

At the Restaurant de la Plage, the food is delicious, the service uncompromising, the view breathtaking, and the anecdotes numerous... The Beach Restaurant Director, can be counted on to share a few memories and secrets, experienced here on the fine sand of Cannes.

Opening hours 

12 noon to 4 p.m. 

No reservation needed 

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